We believe in the K.I.S.S. method. Keep It Simple....Silly. There is no need for a complex regimen to detail a vehicle if you are using quality products and equipment. That's why we only use the best professional products from Adams Polishes. With such powerful and multi-purpose products, we can stick to our simple 4-point core process.







Think of your car's paint like skin. Before you get ready for an evening out, you shower and remove all of the dirt and impurities from your body. Right? 

Thats the same way we approach each vehicle. We use a cleansing or decontaminating foam to gently lift the dirt from the vehicle before hand washing it. Otherwise, it would be like showering with a sandy cloth.



After you wash and are all clean, it's time to moisturize. Well in our case, protect. Depending on the condition of the paint, the time of year, and desired finish, we utilize a combination of graphene-based sealants and coatings. So what's the difference. Think of them again as you would your skin, You add a moisturizer, then lotion, and a sunblock to protect yourself. 

We clean any old or inferior protective layers to have a fresh surface to apply the coating to. After that, we decide which type of coating best fits your finish to add an enhanced hydrophobic layer to protect your paint from road and weather elements. We finish the protection steps with a topper that will protect the finish from UV damage, oxidation, and further enhance your vehicles resistance to water spots and road oils.

Your vehicle will have a  protective shine to envy and will be fully prepared for regular maintenance washes with ease.



Next is your vehicle's acne treatment. When your vehicle's finish has blemishes, we have the fix for it. When we look at the finer details, we tend to find swirls, scratches, water spots and mineral deposits on almost every panel, as well as road grime. It's time for a correction. 


With the use of an iron removing, decontaminating wash and the appropriate level of compound applied with our dual action polisher, we can bring back that showroom splendor. We finish the correction off with a graphene sealant to keep that finish blemish free for months if not years depending on levels of maintenance. 



Maintenance washes are what most people perform and car washes and basic detailing services offer. Let's make one distinction. This is not a detail but what a good detailing service will prepare your vehicle for. If your car has not been clean chemically or mechanically, decontaminated, and properly protected, then it has not been detailed. 

The goal of detailing should be to get to a level of regular maintenance. This is a comprehensive wash, minor correction, and protection reinvigoration. There should be no stripping of old layer of protection and very little decontaminating if the vehicle has had our protection applied. 

Just like your skin, too much washing, abrasive, and overuse of compounding products and you can cause long term damage. Your paints clear coat and base paint can thin and burn over time without proper care. Our maintenance program is tailored to your vehicle's condition.  



Washing before you go to a race track may be foreign to some people. We see it all the time. A car shows up to the track, goes through tech inspection, and that's where the problems starts. The engine bay gets inspected but they can't distinguish old grime and dirt, from possible current or potential leaks. There's built up road grime, brake dust, and debris on the car. That debris gets carried on to the track and created unsafe conditions for you and other. Dont' be that guy. 

It doesn't end there. Sometime things go wrong at the track and you may develop a leak or even damage your vehicle from flying debris and massing rubber deposits. If you start with a clean base, you can quickly discover the source of leaks, any new damage, and prevent potentially dangerous build up of rubber or other foreign objects your super machine may pick up. 

Our track prep includes a maintenance wash and engine bay detail (where possible). We ensure there are no trails of tires past stuck in the wheel well or braking systems and add protection to help prevent any deposits on the body from causing permanent damage.  And yes, this service is beneficial after your track sessions to bring it back to life after a day of exhilaration.