• Sean Lanham

Why We Don't Offer A Car Wash

Most detailing services, especially mobile detailers, offer a fast, low cost alternative to a full detail. Not every vehicle needs a full detail, or so you may think. We have a specific reason for not offering a simple car wash and it's for the protection of your vehicle, not because we are forcing unwanted services.

As professional detailers, we understand what it takes to bring out the best in your vehicle. With the right combination of products, techniques, and frequency, you can keep you car looking better than showroom quality for it's entire life. Can you get that with a wash? The simple answer is no.

The typical car wash that detailers offer is a quick 30 minute to 1 hour service that removes a base layer of dirt and dries the car to clean appearance. It may also include a vacuum for a total price around $30-$50. The problem with this is the lack of protection and finishing. A simple wash often reveals more paint damage and trim fade than a full detail would correct. For this reason, at RRMDC we do not want to offer a service that does not allow us to proved our clients with the finish they expect. Even if you plan to do your own finishing services, the level of clean we can achieve may not alway be flattering to your finish without proper finishing. It would be like showering and not moisturizing or putting deodorant on. Just not right.

All of our detailing packages clean and add various levels of protection to the paint and trim. None of these services are cover ups and temporary solutions. With each service we add layers to the finish of your car and revitalize faded trim pieces. Our more intense services refinish your paint and adds more durable protection to the entire vehicles, inside and out.

With the current global climate and health concerns, will do offer interior only services which included the latest disinfecting and protection techniques. You spend a significant amount of time in your vehicle and we want to help make it the most enjoyable and safe time possible. The feeling of clean will drastically change that daily commute or road trip.

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