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Welcome to the Ravishing Way

Welcome! I am excited to introduce Ravishing Rides and the Ravishing Way to the Charlotte area. This is a new exciting era for Ravishing Rides and mobile detailing as a concept. If you have browsed the website, app, or our social media you might have seen "the Ravishing Way" a few times and may not know exactly what that means.

The Ravishing Way is our approach to detailing, client service, motorsports, and life in general. We expect the absolute best, we are the absolute best, our clients are the absolute best, so we provide the absolute best. That starts with the heart and soul of our business; Enjoy & Endure - Make a Statement.

Track day 60 miles away from the city and spotless....even though it rained during part of the trip

Ravishing Rides started as a solution to a crucial problem we had in New York City. NO WHERE TO WASH OUR CARS. Most people have a driveway or a yard with outdoor plumbing to wash their own cars but in the city, that was not an option. With traffic, street parking, and no outside water connections, we were limited to automatic car washes or extremely expensive detail shops. We are true automotive enthusiast. We go to the track, we go to all the meets we can, we take the kids to school, and we really drive our cars. No garage queens and show builds in our stables but you wouldn't know it when you saw our vehicles arrive at an event or the parent pickup line. We had to endure NYC winters, horrible road conditions, and make a statement but how?

Just a typical winter day for 2 of my personal vehicles. These only got a maintenance washed once a month in the winter but you can see no road salts, road grime, or even dirt stuck to them. Light glass treatments and ceramic sealant. Either way, the Mustang was stuck there for a couple days. The Subi powered out.

That's when we discovered and refined our core principals. CLEAN, PROTECT, CORRECT, and MAINTAIN. We were spending most of our time cleaning and fixing our cars inside and out like most people did and applying coats of wax 3 to 4 times a year but that was a band-aid on a gushing wound. We weren't properly cleaning our vehicles and had no true protection on them. They looked ok but didn't stand out. We started searching for the right products and process and it ended up becoming our 4 core services using only a select few products. The results spoke for themselves and we had no war wounds from NYC traffic outside or interior casualties from the salty slushy winters. We figure out the formula.

While beading is typically a good sign of proper protection, if you look past the rain drops you won't see any mineral deposits or road grime that normally deposits on the rear deck when driving in the rain.

That of course caught some attention from our neighbors, friends, and fellow car enthusiast. Washing a car along the sidewalk in Brooklyn wasn't exactly common but doing it with a handheld foam cannon and 2 buckets was something that drew a lot of questions. I became known as the BMW guy or wash man. It wasn't a waterless wash but more hoseless at the time and people were confused how I could wash my car and motorcycle in the summer heat or winter elements without a hose. I started showing people, making videos, then washing vehicles in the neighborhood.

Because parking is another huge problem, I had nowhere for people to come to and they didn't want to move their cars and lose their spots so I came to them. I didn't need a lot of equipment and supplies so I packed a backpack and 2 buckets and provided an amazing service to my neighborhood and then that spread throughout the rest of the People's Republic of Brooklyn and to the other boroughs and northern New Jersey. Eventually I started bringing my equipment with me to Charlotte and throughout South Carolina on the weekends I would have Army National Guard drill to work on my friend's and family's vehicles every month. Did I mention we really drive our cars. 4,000 miles or more a month but not a spot of proof.

This is the package that started the Ravishing Way for my personal car then my neighbors and since has grown to more professional CarPro and Ammo NYC products. I still carry most of this in my personal vehicle for quick on the go touch ups.

After realizing no matter how long my days were, how tired I would be, or how much work I would have to get done for my professional job I would still make time to work on the cars and motorcycles. That was my true passion. I decided to formalize my services and established Ravishing Rides Mobile Detailing Company in 2019. I continued to refine the Ravishing Way and make that the central drive behind our growth. In late 2019 we decided it was time for change and while I was deployed to the Middle East, we started to plant our roots in Charlotte, my second home.

In 2020 we will be bringing you the best of our services and offerings. We are committed to growing the Ravishing Way and making it as seamless and accessible to everyone as everything else in our lives. Why should proper car care cost you valuable time and wasted money? The Ravishing Way involves a lot of work to fix previous mistakes and issues but once you are cleaned, protected, and corrected, then maintenance washes are a breeze. Schedule at your convenience at your home, work, or wherever you may be for a few hours. Just like you body and home, your vehicles should have a proper care regimen to keep it looking better than ever. Even better than the day you got it. Thats the Ravishing Way.

Enjoy & Endure - Make a Statement!

Next Time we discuss why a track day wash is critical and why you dont wait until you get to the track to realize it. #EmergencyWash. Never Again

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