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Delivery Room Detailing? Let Us Explain

The excitement of having a new child enter your life is wonderful. You announce the good news to everyone, you celebrate, you baby proof the house, you test fit the stroller and car seat in the car....then you wait. If you're ahead of the game you plan on cleaning the car out a few time as you get closer to the due date but we found that idea completely slips most people's mind. That's why we want to deliver a specific solution to you while you're expecting your delivery.

This was an idea bought up to us by several clients and friends who were telling stories of how they had everything planned out. Bags of everything you could ever need by the front door and every scenario covered so when the time comes, they were ready to go. Come to find out, none of that planning actually went according to plan. Everything was left behind, including a few car seats, and of course detailing the car wasn't a thought until they were leaving the hospitals.

We want to eliminate that part of the process. After research and testing, we have developed the right combination of products and services to make sure your vehicle is clean and ready to carry your newborn home and everywhere else. Here are a few things we thought about during this process.

Get The Gear Right

Because of local and federal regulations, not just any business or entity can install a car seat for you. Luckily, our staff is Child Passenger Safety Certified and we can assist you in this process and the proper usage of child safety equipment. This certification is important because that means we can properly detail your interior without any worry of accidental disturbance or improper installation of your new car seat.

Clean & Hazard Free

We recommend scheduling our CLEAN service before you install the car seat for the first time. This allows us to deep clean and steam the interior before it has the opportunity to contaminate your newborn safety equipment. We will remove all clutter preventing it from become hazardous projectiles. We will attack all the grime, stains, and dirt possible, leaving you with a virtually disinfected cabin from the headliner to the carpets. This includes air vents, all glass, the trunk, and door jambs.

A Plan For The Planners

Since babies (even the adult ones) can be messy, we know you plan on taking along extra cleaning supplies. We can help you discover new items and a plan to keep your interior clean and organized in between details. Make sure you build your emergency cleaning kit and we'll be there to recommend some of the safe products that you can pick up at your local stores whenever you need to refill them. We can also assist you in identifying some of those tedious vehicle and maintenance items that we all forget about like cabin air filters, proper lighting, and window shades.

The BNB Service (Baby Not Board)

Our BNB Service will mirror our CLEAN service but with a specific focus on the interior cleansing and steaming of surface to kill bacteria and odors. Using safe, hypoallergenic, mild products, we will create the ideal clean space for your new young one.

Once you make it out of the delivery room and start thinking about the journey home, our full BNB service will be ready for you. Just give us a call or book online and we will come to you so you don't have to miss any of those precious moment. That is the last thing you should stress about. Remember to ENJOY & ENDURE!!!

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