As a business with our own fleet of vehicles, we understand the importance of presentation. We also understand the importance of time equity. As much as we would like to only worry about servicing our clients, we have to also serve ourselves and always display our quality in our presentation. Let us give you that same quality. 





To allow for organizations to maximize their efficiency in key business areas, they often consider hiring an outsourcing company. Outsourcing and partnerships have become common across several industries. Businesses now, more than ever, prefer to hire fleet management companies to take care of their vehicles.


It is not easy for a business to maintain their vehicles using their in-house workforce or hiring specialists for each and every issue. These cost add up very fast. Ravishing Rides offers a simple and cost effective solution to your fleet detailing services. In addition to looking your best, we also offer our network of fleet maintenance options to keep you operating at your best. 


A Cost-Effective Solution


Hiring a full time detailing staff is a costly affair and you have to accept their liability at the same time. Hiring a fleet service, on the other hand, is cost-effective and you will not have to take any liability for their employees. Fleet services also offer significant discounts as it is mutually beneficial to both parties. A fleet services partnership could prove to be one of the smartest moves for your business given the convenience, cost and flexibility. 


Increased Efficiency


With Ravishing Rides Fleet Services, we develop a solution with you that provides you the best options, at the optimal times, for the efficient price. When you give the task of your fleet service to a responsible agency, you will be able to concentrate on what your business does best. A dedicated organization like Ravishing Rides can give you peace of mind by delivering our detailing services to you without any intrusions.

If you are a collector of vehicles, a dealership with trade-ins that need TLC before they are ready for the show room, or if you have a fleet of construction vehicles that need to show up Monday morning clean and ready to go, Ravishing Rides has you covered. 

Contact us today so we can create the perfect solution for your needs.