With the impact of COVID-19 and social distancing, now more than ever your online image makes a difference. Even more important than your online presence are your remote practices. Several dealer networks are following the online models of Carvana, Carmax, and Vroom. Can you match their convenience?  Consumers are accelerating online shopping for safety and finding it incredibly convenient. It is becoming the new normal so don't fall behind the digital curve.

We understand that you have a hose and wash bay out back and every person in the building has a cell phone that has the latest camera tricks. Are you satisfied with just checking the block or would you rather offer the quality and standard that makes your business stand out?

To help your business stand out, we deliver our business to you. With affordable professional detailing, lot wash options, professional photography services, and business development tools for your staff, Ravishing Rides can complete your online image on the digital playing field and over deliver on your in person presentation and skills. 

Image by Fred Kloet


One of the most frustrating parts of the car buying process is being approached by someone you know who won't have anything to do with actually answering your questions or closing out your deal. They will eventually say let me ask my manager. Countless studies have shown that customers shopping for a new vehicle hate the idea of visiting the dealership for 6 main reasons:

  • The "pushy" salesman

  • Time and multiple touch points

  • Pricey "halo terms" (CPO)

  • Useless warranties and confusing financing

  • Lack of knowledge from staff

  • Selling them on what they don't want

You may say this is not your dealership but at some point in your sales process, it is. Not unless you micromanage every department which isn't practical. What can you do about it?

It's a simple fix. GET WITH THE TIMES. You can solve 4 of those 6 issues with one tool. Empowering the customer. There are several ways to do this but it generally involves giving the customer a tool (iPad) to help them navigate the process for themselves. Let the customer feel in control and at peace. Think about what this specific iPad model provides the customer:

  • Browse and research vehicles on the lot in one spot

  • Research add-on services and packages

  • Structure the deal and apply for financing

  • Photograph trade-ins

  • Sign documents

  • Upload personal info and pictures

  • Order food and drinks if your store offers it


It's all about empowering the customer but you can curate how much control you give up while saving time and embarrassing sales mishaps. 

Ravishing Rides is here to guide you through the thought process of connecting with your current and future customers. 


What does your online inventory presentation mean to you? What does it say about your business? We all have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words but with Ravishing Rides professional photography, those pics are worth thousands of dollars. 

Anyone can snap a picture but cell phones and point and shoots don't capture the vibrance of a beautiful vehicle. Getting the right angle doesn't mean anything if you cant capture the right light and depth of field. 


With a range of cameras and lenses, we offer professional 32mp image quality, optimal staging and lighting, and even cinematic quality video at full 4k 24fps. 

Make sure  your online presence make the right impression on your potential customers. 



One of the first things you do when you take in a new delivery or trade is get it ready to display. We know that your staff or service provider prepares these vehicles with pride but time will make a fool of all of us. Movement between departments, test drives, and simple lot time will gather dirt, dust, and potential scratches over time. We bring more than just a wash to your inventory. 

We will come to your business at a desirable time and get to work. We offer full detailing services to include but not limited to:

  • Paint Decontamination

  • Exterior Washing

  • Underbody Washing

  • Waxing

  • Polishing

  • Ceramic Coating

  • Interior Cleaning

  • Interior Steaming

  • Stain Treatment

  • Odor Neutralizing

  • Engine Detailing

  • Headlight Restoration

  • Trim Restoration

  • Pre or Post Sale Follow Up

Let your staff master their craft while our professionals do what we do best. Detailing is more than a wash. We provide the total revitalization of vehicles inside and out. 


In addition to our on the lot care, we also provide services for your customers such as pre-delivery detailing or traveling to them for their first post sale detail. The time of extra mile services that your customers deserve and the options that make you stand out.


Contact us to develop the right solution for your inventory or special projects at unbeatable prices. 


Professional Staff Photos

Your inventory isn't the only part of your business that should shine. How are you showing off your beautiful staff? Present your team to the world in their best light, literally. ​

We can help you develop the look you need to match your business's image. Simple high-resolution headshots to those in the moment shots of your staff in the mix. This presents the reality of your business to your potential customers allowing them to have a sense of familiarity and comfort with your team. Not just viewing your establishment as a place of dreaded transactions. 

We can move our lighting from the lot to the showroom to the service bays and really tell the story of what makes your team special. 

Transform your image today!



Brand Your Image

The final polish on your photos is your business's logo and information. When you post pictures of your inventory, that's not where they stop. Potential customers save them and share them to get thoughts, show of their future purchase, and compare. In this case, it's the little things that count.

By adding your logo or even just your contact info to photos the right way you add that little extra professional touch to your photos. When they are impressed, they share those photos and that's more exposure for your business and your brand. 

Expand your reach now!